Welcome to  Uke Central

This website will introduce you to our world of Ukulele and offer information and contact details that we hope will be of benefit to you.

Why not Check out Uke Central pages and see when our local ukulele group is being held and what is coming up. Or if you are planning on travelling or going on holidays, then why not visit Directory Oz pages and see what groups are in the neighbourhood when travelling. You might just want to find something to do on the weekend.

It is a proven fact that learning a musical instrument enhances and exercises every area of our brain throughout your life. Here at Uke Central we encourage students of all ages to continue their journey of learning this wonderful little instrument. Best of all, it is a fun and a very sociable instrument.

Small beginner groups have the benefit of allowing one on one attention when needed to allow the beginner the chance to keep up. After the beginner classes, participants continue to learn songs, strumming patterns and some basic music theory whilst enjoying the comradery of our group within a sing-a-long circle. Bring a song to share, or enjoy one of the many songs in our Uke Central books.