Song of the Month


Welcome to our song of the month page. Each month I will put up a song for you to learn. Some songs will be simple for the beginner and some songs will be a bit more complicated, but all will be in chords suitable for ukulele and we aim to put it in a key that is  not too difficult for ukulele, but singable for “most” voices. Don’t forget to check out my “how to learn a song” page when you are learning a new song.

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The free song a month is for personal use. If you are in a group and wish to share it with your group, please have the courtesy of asking first. Whilst I do not claim copy right to the actual song lyrics or melody, there are certainly notes and instruction that I would like to be contacted first before using. Most important is to have fun , happy uke-ing, cheers, Marilyn

Something about this month’s song…..

Waltzing with bears  has the words adapted from the wonderful writings of Dr Seuss. The music is by Eugene Poddany. It is not a well known song, but it is “cute” and a great song to practice waltz timing.

It is a waltz in 3/4 timing. 3 simple down strums will get you through this song. Heavy on the first down strum, lighter on the next two. Imagine you are doing a waltz and , so try to get the rhythm nice and smooth. When you are doing a waltz, the first step is always the lead step and more prominent, followed by two smaller steps to position you to take the next lead step. Counting 1, 2, 3. Don’t forget to tap your foot and count in 3’s to keep in time.  On the lyric file you will notice a “thought bubble”.  This is to remind you that when you get to the “upside down horseshoes” don’t forget to take a breath so you can get in all the words. You will find thought bubbles throughout my notes to tell you hints and things you need to know about the song.  Hope you have fun.

Waltzing With Bears